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High Altitude Paradise Book

I went off on a Vision Quest. The ridiculous idea of visiting all the lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado stuck in my spirit. After 34 years, the lifetime dream was realized. But over the years, the game changed, life happened, and the lessons learned were not what I had imagined.

I was told to write the book that I wanted to read. High Altitude Paradise is the story of my search for lakes. But more than a portfolio of lakes, it is a story of family. Of love and loss. It's about the power of wilderness to provide peace and comfort in a challenging world.

I have chosen 110 photographs along with descriptors to add some information about each image. Intertwined with the images are 15 essays I have written in an attempt to make some sense about why someone would spend a small lifetime climbing up and over mountains looking for large puddles of water.

High Altitude Gratitude

A thousand THANK YOUs from Paradise

The book is currently SOLD OUT. There may be some copies remaining in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO… Brownfilds Outdoor Store in Estes Park, CO… Macdonald’s Bookshop in Estes Park, CO… or Anderson’s Bookshop in Downers Grove, IL. But the In Wild Light distribution center is high and dry.

To all of you that purchased and supported our story, Pam and I send our heartfelt thanks. Never in my wildest did I think the first printing would be such an overwhelming success. Truly humbled, I hope the book finds a spot in your home to not only inspire adventures into wild and beautiful places, but also as a reminder of how much you mean to Pam and me.

At this point, I have decided not to do a second printing, but rather, begin working on a second book, which hopefully will not take 34 years.

I will remember, with special gratitude, each and every one of you that helped the success of the book grow. Please let me know if we can ever do anything for you.

-Jim and Pam

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