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I went off on a Vision Quest. The ridiculous idea of visiting all the lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado stuck in my spirit. After 34 years, the lifetime dream was realized. But over the years, the game changed, life happened, and the lessons learned were not what I had imagined.

I was told to write the book that I wanted to read. High Altitude Paradise is the story of my search for lakes. But more than a portfolio of lakes, it is a story of family. Of love and loss. It's about the power of wilderness to provide peace and comfort in a challenging world.


The book is currently SOLD OUT.  Someday, I may do a second printing, but for now, Pam and I send  our heartfelt love an appreciation. High Altitude Gratitude.

The images below are excerpts from the book as well as other work I have done in RMNP. For over 40 years now, the Park and I have become close friends. 

099-Lake Meredith.jpg
83-Little Shaver.jpg
103-Upper Hutchenson Lake.jpg
014-Bear Lake Boulders_edited.jpg
019-5th Man Lake.jpg
016-Odessa Lake.jpg
001-Sky Pond Shore.jpg
053-Green Lake.jpg
033-Hazeline Lake.jpg
056-Rowe Glacier Lake.jpg
027-Hand of God.jpg
034-Lake Nanita.jpg
012-Moraine Park.jpg
008-Half Moon Over Front Range.jpg
013-Red Sky Rainbow.jpg
005-Nymph Lake.jpg
24-Notchtop Pass-24.jpg
021-Thunder Lake.jpg
025-Lake Verna.jpg
026-Big Thompson Lightfall.jpg
029-View from Mt. Chapin.jpg
055-Gate to Lake Powell.jpg
040-Notchtop at Lake Helene.jpg
043-Chiquita Lake.jpg
041-Snowdrift Lake.jpg
030-Murphy Pinnacle.jpg
064-Crystal Lake-2.jpg
039-Fire Light.jpg
042-Lumpy Ridge.jpg
046-The Loch.jpg
048-Pinnicale Pool.jpg
060-Nice Lake.jpg
058-Love Lake.jpg
049-Tundra Pool Moonrise.jpg
054-Murphy Lake.jpg
059-Chasm Lake.jpg
085-Hayden Spire.jpg
057-Lower Spectacle Lake.jpg
longs haze.jpg
Canonball Outlet.jpg
glorious sunset.jpg
089-Crescent and Venus.jpg
092-Tourmaline Lake.jpg
071-Glass Lake.jpg
063-Ptarmigans' Beak.jpg
090-Amy's Heart Pockert Pool.jpg
088-Desolation Rainbow.jpg
081-Ramsey Tarn.jpg
076-Hotel California Falls.jpg
102-Forest Canyon Sunset.jpg
096-Cotton Candy.jpg
108-Evening Storm Passing.jpg
109-Rocky Icon.jpg
rolling light 2.jpg
045-Ouzel Falls.jpg
024-Solitude Lake.jpg
077-Iceberg Lake.jpg
113-Mills Lake Birthday Spot.jpg
074-Timberline Falls.jpg
Breakfast At Sky Cafe.jpg
Damn the Torpedos.jpg
summer solstice.jpg
Clearing the Air.jpg
Tundra LIght Dance .jpg
Midnight Milky Madness.jpg
The Mummy Triangle.jpg
Stonewall Theatre.jpg
Where Fools Dare.jpg
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