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               I had a dream. Crazy dream. Anything I wanted to know, anyplace I needed to go.       -Page/Plant Led Zepplin

Featured below are the 7 portfolios that contain some of my images from 40+ years of wandering the wild and pristine

places that represent where my spirit has found a place to play. In actuality, this is the gallery of my soul.

099-Lake Meredith.jpg


Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado stole my heart over 30 years ago. Daunting mountains, placid lakes, and intoxicating altitude. I explored every possible niche of this paradise in an effort to photograph all the 150+ lakes, hidden waterfalls, and lofty summits. After all these years, my park has become an old friend with many shared secrets.

Btistlecone Pine Perserverence.jpg


My love for big themes has always dominated my approach to picture-making. It has been a wonderful way to make a broader statement than just a single image can do. The loss of my daughter, Meredith, has left me searching for a way to dedicate my work to her. This portfolio is presented as a place to celebrate her love for the outdoors and some of our travels together. Themes provide pathways to a happier life for all of us. 



To reinvent ourselves, we have settled into the countryside of rural Alabama. The natural setting here is a fresh surprise. This state has amble richness to provide images that are both sublime with gentle restraint, yet at the same time powerful with their song. I spent 5 years traveling the state in all directions to find images that speak with one voice: Goodness

Grand Canyon Rim Rat


To stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon is to stand at the edge of wonder. Most see the obvious beauty and walk away satisfied. Some, like myself, want more. I desire to squeeze the essence of life from the rocks, to grasp the flow of time as the light dances across the towers and into the abyss. For brief moments, I find peace in the face of my monumentous insignificance.



The often undiscovered and usually underappreciated beauty of the land in my first home state, Illinois, that still remains natural and wild is displayed in this in-depth project. A small lifetime of searching has uncovered a multitude of areas, throughout the entire state, some as small as a postage stamp, that are full of the wild components that once flourished in Illinois.

Meri's Rainbow.jpg


Like many Midwesterners, I began my journeys to the “Northwoods” at an early age, with family, to escape the heat of summer. The timeless beauty of the thick forests, tranquil lakes, and wild rivers left their mark on me. As a photographer, I have spent the past 30 years visiting these wildwoods during all seasons. I continue to be touched by the limitless adventures provided for my soul.



Taking a step away from my beloved world of color, I grab some images, both new and old, and explore their development in the world of black and white, The departure from reality that B/W affords is engaging but I could never leave the world of color. I live for the rainbow of possibilities.

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