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SEARCHING FOR SWEET HOME: The goodness before your eyes with images from the Deep South.

Careful to jump to conclusions. This is not abook about Alabama. Searching for Sweet Home is about our true home, ourselves, and the goodness that permeates our lives. Stunning photography from the Deep South is linked with thoughtful prose that encourages everyone to take a closer look at what it means to be 'good.' The images speak with soft and gentle voices that call attention to some of the finest hopes we should have for ourselves and each other.

With deepest apologies, this book is currently SOLD OUT. More copies may be available in the future. Image excerpts and other Alabama images below.

The Goodness of Night.jpg
Capturing Hope-2.jpg
Grieving Forest.jpg
Cheana Falls-0019-Edit.jpg
Night Flyer.jpg
Cotton Candy Clouds.jpg
Night Moves.jpg
Canyon Drought.jpg
Hall of Moss.jpg
Thet Stand In Awe And Admiration.jpg
A Garden of Eden.jpg
March Madness.jpg
Dogwood Sunset
Feathered Explosion
A Complimentary Vibration
Closing Time
Moss Cascade
The Greens of Spring
Finders Keepers
First Day of Spring
Last Light 2022
Sun and Sand
Waxwing Convention
Black Water Leaf Litter.jpg
Icy Wonder.jpg
mountain laurel.jpg
Lake Three.jpg
The Dusting Light of Spring
Red Shoulder.jpg
Hopeful Shower.jpg
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