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Meredith Williams  

In the name of Rainbows, Yellow Butterflies, Art, Throwing Rocks in the River, and being Silly:

Throughout her childhood, our daughter, Meri, travelled far and wide with us as our family explored the natural wonders of our country. I recall with fondness many adventures. She amazed me with her natural instincts in scrambling up Rocky Mountain boulders, her energy bursts hiking in the Grand Canyon, and her humor during a West Virginia horse trip. She had seen eagles soar, loons carry their babies on their backs, and the bloom of desert cacti. We waded the beaches of the Pacific Northwest and wandered the Smokies. We shared silly stories in the tent and marshmellows by the fire. Meri was grand company on so many of my photo adventures.

Like most children, she was disgruntled on long hikes, unimpressed by serenity, and impatient while her father took photographs. For Meri, the perfect place need only have water and stones to throw in it. Rainbows and butterflies often appeared in her artwork. She taught me much about children and the outdoors. At at times, I felt as if I might be force-feeding “nature” to my child. I wondered if these values would survive her suburban teenage years.

I found comfort knowing as a young adult, Meri was hiking, mountain biking, and skiing as activities of her own choosing. She spoke of studying art therapy. Alas, the beauty of the outdoors had stuck in her heart. And she spoke of a long canoe trip with her father. A trip that never came. 

We lost Meri at a far too young age through a plethora of health issues that, for me, are always too painful to talk about. Her genuine goodness and life-touching spirit lives on through her foundation and the kindness of others. God bless all of you who have supported us. Your love touches the future.


In Wild Light Photography gives all its profits to the Meredith Williams Foundation.

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